High Performance Building Materials

Rear-ventilated facade systems

Spring Valley Corp is your premium provider of rear-ventilated facade systems, offering high-end and ecological solutions for your construction needs.

Our RVF system is designed with an intelligent layer structure that provides a uniquely suitable component for each function of the outer wall, ensuring compliance with all requirements for environmentally friendly, ecological, and sustainable designs.

Energy-efficient and ecological

Our rear-ventilated facade system is energy-efficient and ecological, providing a structural separation from the insulation and weather protection. This prevents exterior humidity from reaching the brickwork and insulation, and the rear-ventilated space ensures optimal drying of any interior humidity, improving energy efficiency and ensuring a pleasant and healthy indoor climate all year round.

Durable and economical

Our facade systems are also durable and economical, offering highly efficient thermal insulation, weather protection, simple maintenance, good fire protection, and sound-absorbing qualities. This ensures excellent living comfort over the long term and permanent operational reliability, without the risk of costly repair work due to plaster cracks or frost-related peeling of the outer skin.

Maintenance-free and removable

With our maintenance-free and removable facade systems, you can enjoy unrestricted expansion of the cladding without the risk of damage. The panels are incredibly durable and optimally protect the facade from weather or external influences. And with the intelligently stacked design of our system, it is possible to subsequently remove and recycle individual components as needed.

Choose Spring Valley Corp for your rear-ventilated facade needs and experience the difference in quality and sustainability.