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Crown Laminate is an innovative and versatile facade cladding solution that improves the look, performance and longevity of any building.

Crown Laminates are produced in a therosetting press at high temperatures and pressures. Adding double-hardened acrylic PUR resins further increases the durability of the panels. As a result, CROWN XCL panels are extremely durable and protect effectively against weather and UV radiation. Crown XCL conforms to North American fire standards and is impact and scratch resistant. This durability allows Crown XCL to be used in a variety of exterior applications such as facade cladding, balconies, outdoor furniture, ceilings, fences and more. Crown XCL panels are easy to machine, install and maintain and offer a wide range of decorative possibilities.




CROWN XCL panels are made up of 80 % cellulose fibers obtained from paper and 20 % thermosetting resins that do not contain any heavy metals or asbestos. They do not emit any gases, fumes, solvents or liquids. The paper which is used for manufacturing CROWN XCL is sourced

from sustainable forests.

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